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Liberating Trade

Quickertrade is an alternative that frees businesses abilities to trade.

Work commenced on an alternative to existing B2B platforms in 2020. These platforms were designed with the single task of offering alternative solutions for sourcing raw materials and products, at a price that’s sustainable.
Quickertrade provides so much in alternatives; it rests solely with the individual to think of the possibilities. It provides a stable platform for trade to sell products and services, allowing local and international business access that is unprecedented. It opens doors to networking closer to home, with sourcing goods locally reducing delivery times, for which the knock on effect is reduced carbon emissions. It provides the optional ability for localizing revenue, with a reduction in lost revenues to competing territories or countries. Quickertrade deploys speed verification for vendors using online data feeds, but can offer full authentication through P.A.V.E (Present Authentication for Verification and Endorsement). Peace of mind trading also includes go-between facilities independent of Quickertrade, where funds are in-transit triggered between buyers and sellers.


Our top priority is to offer the world, a trade to trade platform that allows businesses to source locally first. The potential to save time and money becomes all too apparent, through the reallocation or off-setting of funds associated with international logistics to purchasing raw materials or goods. There is the added bonus with a reduction in delivery times resulting in less impact on the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

However! Sometimes it is not possible to source locally, which is where Vietnam steps in. In a recent development Vietnam has decided to open its doors to the world and seeks to become a trading power within the Far East. With untapped resources, vibrant, young hard working people and natural beauty that inspire the heart, Vietnam is tipped to become a formidable international trading power and it’s just begun. With exceptional growth, Vietnam has appeared from nowhere and now enjoys interest from international companies looking to invest in her growth.


Quickertrade is a trading platform that engages all businesses internationally. It allows trade to function with other trades on a local or international basis regardless of business location, with unrestricted access to two-way trading. These conditions for commerce, will offer unexplored revenue streams for small sole proprietorship or partnership owned businesses, to large companies and corporations. Working with trading authorities on a global basis, Quickertrade has no doubts it will find its place in the global arena as a fair trade company endorsed and protected by international commerce, with the freedom of movement and ability to help international commerce.


Quickergroup platforms utilise the power of the US Dollar as the standard currency for its e-wallet payment system. The trust and confidence that the world has in the United States keep the dollar as the most redeemable currency for facilitating world commerce. Primarily set up as the global post-war monetary system using rules, institutions and procedures for conducting international trade and accessing the global capital markets using the US dollar as the base standard. The latest in payment system known as e-wallet has evolved and businesses want easier, more affordable ways to implement currency transactions. A single account to link all accounts opens opportunities for incredible trading with an overall reduction in currency conversion costs. With lower single transaction cost or capped fees for large transactions, the Quickergroup e-wallet system is flexible as it is stable.

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Open a Store & Increase Company Status with QUICKERTRADE Complementary e-Wallet Account Cards.


Quickergroup’s primary role is to secure an alternative trade and development house for which our platforms will function. Each platform is dedicated to a specific task but ultimately designed to connect businesses, communities and consumers internationally. The operational timeline will open these platforms to more countries, as our systems go online.
Launching with the determination of Vietnam to become a manufacturing and trading power, the resilience and ingenuity of the United Kingdom and the stability of the United States of America, Quickergroup’s future is strong with the fusion of international commerce, becoming more diversified and robust as it opens to more countries.

One goal makes us all family

“Quickergroup decisions are made by passionate international team members.”


We action your voice.



Quickergroup is a joint venture of 3 nations involving Vietnam, the United Kingdom and United States of America. It has no political agenda and serves only to create a level trading arena for businesses and countries to benefit from restriction-free commerce. With diversity at its very core, the directions, decisions and actions of Quickergroup remain neutral and serve only to promote international trade.

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Quickergroup Delivers Trade Liberation
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