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Open a Store & Increase Company Status with a QUICKERTRADE complementary e-Wallet Account.
Welcome to the latest chapter in Payment Systems
Quicktertrade for B2B trading offers businesses, the best options for online trading.
Quickertrade embraces the e-Wallet payment system. It offers an international central banking platform, where buyer and seller can move funds instantly with little or even NO rate fund transfers. The standard card offers all the necessary tools required to trade and purchase at any Quickergroup trading hub. Quickergroup also offers three Privilege Cards available and designed to offer account holders essential tailored services.

Which e-Wallet is best for business?

Quickertrade has removed the guess work and assigned a card class to each of the trading account types, whether you’re new to e-commerce, a buyer, seller or corporate.

The advantageous of e-wallets?

e-Wallets, also called digital wallets, or mobile wallets, have evolved, helping to make global transactions accessible, secure, quicker and more easier. You can use an e-wallet if you have a smartphone or PC access to make it easier to pay for items online, send and receive money internationally and much more.

What are e-Wallets?

e-Wallet apps are a simplified way to store money, easily authorise payments with a single tap and transact online. e-Wallets offer seamless, fast and highly secure payment experiences. Linked to credit and debit cards, e-Wallets are evolving, offering a growing number of features.

What makes e-Wallets different?

The biggest feature of e-Wallets that makes them incredibly unique is the ability to handle many different stores of value. You can store money, in your choice of multiple currencies, within your Quickertrade e-Wallet.


1. Simplified

Easy online purchasing experience

Minimise the number of cards you need to have. Simply link accounts that are required, to enjoy a seamless buying experience that takes just seconds to complete.


2. Secured

Strong security for added peace of mind

From a lost or stolen credit card. e-Wallets help prevent the risk of fraud with strong encryption and password protection, protecting personal data and money even if a phone is stolen.


3. Organised

Helps buyers & sellers keep everything together

An e-Wallet is a great tool for online buyers and sellers, as it keeps everything in one place. With a single click, move money into or out of any Quickergroup trading hub.


4. Fees

Lowering costs when moving money globally

e-Wallets help reduce costs with fees that are a lot less than the big financial institutions. A great solution for buyers and sellers to send or receive money using different currencies.


5. Loading

Paying funds into e-Wallets is easy as it is fast.

just add money to an e-Wallet fast via internet banking, credit or debit card. Stored details reduces the hassle of entering information every time a transfer is required and saves time.

Creating Incentives to Drive Business Forward with
Privilege e-Wallet Cards
There are three Privilege Cards, designed to open up features not available with standard accounts. Quickertrade Privilege Account holders’ receive essential tailored services using either Horizons for purchasing or Bridges for business. These Privilege Cards are automatically issued when an account exceeds a pre-defined purchasing and selling limit within a moving timeframe, but can also be obtained through a subscription plan or yearly membership.
For companies cleared through Quickergroup’s P.A.V.E verification process, or require multiple cards linked to a single account as a service; we present ‘Eclipse’.


For Purchasing


For Business


For Multi-Card & P.A.V.E clearance

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